About Critchfield Consulting

About Critchfield Consulting

Servicing Liberty, N. Kansas City, and Greater Kansas City
My name is Brent Critchfield and it's been a wonderful life thus far!  As a former Midwest Section PGA golf professional as well as a former back country fly fishing guide for sacred Yellowstone National Park, how could life be boring? The stories those two professions provided alone are endless and richly embedded in my soul. 

What I really got out of those two careers was a crash course in patience. No two sports require more self-check patience than teaching someone to fly fish or play golf and I just gobbled it up teaching both to others. Sprinkle this with 10 years of focused business consulting with powerhouses like New York Life, Mass Mutual, and Berkshire Hathaway, I feel my background has molded me in the best of ways. 

These Fortune 100 companies provided experiences that resulted in incredible knowledge and training in industries like finance, investments, insurance, and business solutions. I can honestly look back and say I enjoyed the opportunity to learn and help my customers along the way, regardless of the employer I was representing. 

My true love for business, though, came later in my mid to late 30's when I first started working with a business that aligned with the marketing degree I went to college for.  It was with VisionAmp, a custom website design company in North Central Arkansas, and Page 1 Solutions, an SEO powerhouse at the time in Denver, Colorado that truly drove this passion.  Here I was able to use thought, data, strategy, and my creativity to help other businesses and I loved the experience of it all.   

Seemingly working with what felt like every industry known the world over, in all major metropolitan areas across the United States, my time, over the last 13 years and 300+ customer website projects has helped me acquire, what I feel, is a PhD in the subject matter. The knowledge I have gained from former employers and colleagues regarding Google analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), website lead conversion, website construction, developmental programming and online marketing has given me the opportunity to venture out on my own and establish a digital marketing agency called, Critchfield Consulting, LLC, which was established in early 2021. 

With a skilled team of designers, programmers, photographers, videographers, copywriters, SEO specialists, and social media ad strategists, all of which are friends and former colleagues, my job as your marketing manager, is to leave you in a better place than we found you and as a team, spend less of your marketing budget for a greater return on web traffic, lead conversion, and increased business revenue.

From website design, branding, programming, and organic SEO strategy to email marketing, social media, paid advertising and content strategy management, Critchfield Consulting LLC will always take the approach of keeping your businesses best interests in mind by utilizing best industry practices that change your business's online credibility and results for the better.
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