Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Marketing Strategy & Implementation

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For online marketing to be effective, everything must work together.  Yes, your website is your central hub but having a pretty website doesn't mean we will be successful.  In fact, you could have a downright awful looking website and still get leads if your placement on search engines is favorable.  You could also have the best-looking website in the region but you never see a lead, much less new traffic, because your website is never found or unknown. 

Every business varies, objectives are different, starting points are unique, one industry might not have the opportunities online to capture leads versus other industries and so on.  Strategy, however, usually always starts with the business website.  An effectively built website is vital to gaining credibility both from a visitor and search engine standpoint and should be at the very center of everything your company is doing online. 

It could be you want to generate more leads and sales opportunities for your team, or it could be you are doing well in that area and you just want an online presence that provides good credibility.  Whatever the short- and long-term goals are for your business, there are short- and long-term marketing strategies to get you there.  Our goal, as a consulting agency, is to identify the most productive marketing channels that achieve the most sustainable results for the least amount of budget spend.   

There is a marketing formula for success when it comes to dominating your industry online.  From our perspective, it starts with a proper evaluation of your business to measure the business's strengths, its competitors, opportunities, and the industry as a whole.  Whether we need to market to a local, regional, statewide, or national target market, having valuable data upfront helps us measure our results and determine the magic formula needed for success.     

  • Lead Generation - Do we track leads? How many quality leads are we receiving now and from what sources? How is our lead intake process? 
  • Existing Website - How well is our website programmed, designed, and laid out? Does it have good navigation, conversion, imagery, and content?  
  • Search Volume - How many people out there are looking for our product or service nationally or in our area locally? 
  • Backlinks - Do you have other credible affiliated websites that link to your business and how authoritative is our website in our industry? 
  • Cost Per Lead - What is our current cost per online lead and what is our return on our digital marketing dollars with our existing strategy? 
  • Website Traffic - How many people are coming to our website now and how are they getting there? What additional opportunities are there?  
  • Conversion Percentage - What is our website conversion percentage? How many leads are we getting divided into our monthly traffic? 
  • Google Analytics - What are our visitors doing on the website, who are they, what pages did they visit, where did they come from? 
  • Important Criteria - How's our company's brand, its messaging, our social media use, customers online reviews, and our overall image? 
  • Online Opportunities - What channels can drive more action for us? Can it be done organically, or do we need to allocate advertising strategies?  

An important piece to our agency's philosophy is to leave you in a better place then we found you.  It may be that you'd like to just receive one of our 31-point digital marketing evaluations and take the information to assess your next steps over time or it could be we choose to work together and identify objectives, expectations, an action plan and implement next steps.  Whether we work together long-term or choose not to, our promise is to always provide sound insight that gives you information you can make decisions with.  

Critchfield Consulting, and our team of graphic designers, backend programmers, copywriters, photographers, and optimization specialists can offer a la carte services where needed and if for some reason, we aren't the perfect fit for one another, we'll do all we can to facilitate other marketing agency connections that can help direct you.  

Want to learn more about us?  Visit a full list of our services or peek at some recent projects of ours. If you have questions related to your companies online marketing approach and would like to reach out to us with your questions, feel free to give us a call at 816-718-6617 or send us a direct message here.  
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