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Google Analytics Reporting

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Data is our friend and should be your friend too.  Theres no better resource to measure the results of your online marketing strategy than understanding the insight one gains from Google Analytics.  So, what is Google Analytics?  

Google Analytics is a free Google provided platform that allows one to track a host of data points like your business website performance and website visitor insights all in one place.  In addition, Google Analytics allows one to combine both analytic data and digital advertising campaign results together to better determine your overall online conversion rates, cost per lead, and your return on budget investment.  

Gaining access to what visitors are doing when they see your business online and the actions they take are some of the biggest benefits of Google Analytics. It provides real time data that allows you to monitor website user behavior, filter its data, and provide intelligent comprehension of how your website and advertising are working.  

  • How many new and returning website visitors your website attracts per day, week, month, or year.
  • How long people are staying on your website, what pages they've visited, and how quickly they leave the website once there.
  • Shows our visitors behavior by identifying which website pages are most commonly visited and what visitors are doing on those pages.
  • Demographic data like users age, gender, and interests your visitors have.
  • Breaks down geographic locations of our visitors like what continent, state, city, and zip codes visit us the most.
  • Shares device insight and determines how much web traffic is coming from mobile, desktop, or tablet users. 
  • Shares the most visited time of the day that our website acquires visitors. 
  • How we are obtaining website visitors (Paid advertising, organic results, direct sources, referral, and social media's).
  • Helps determine your overall website conversion rates (Website traffic divided by leads received).

Regarding conversion, it's one of the most important upfront questions that Critchfield Consulting can try to answer for the prospects that we are evaluating and it's a vital and ongoing metric to analyze for our actual clients once we start working with them.  In fact, conversion percentages are so important, it's how we as a digital marketing agency are graded and how we grade ourselves.  

Yes, we want to grow our website traffic and improve how we acquire that traffic because these two things increase our conversion opportunities.  We also want to see visitors stay on our website longer and we want to see all our metrics improve but typically the number one concern for a business owner, when it comes to their online marketing campaign, is how much is the strategy going to cost and what will we get in return for the dollars spent? 

Before we can answer these questions, it's important to understand conversion rates better.  Did you know that the national average conversion rate on a website is around 2%.  Of course, this number varies on the type of industry and business model but if we take 2% as a starting point... that means for every 100 people that visit a website, only 2 people reached out.  It could mean that these two leads called your business, sent in a contact form, or engaged in a live chat (ways to convert a website visitor).    

To determine conversion, a business must be tracking their leads.  Whether this is having a 1-800 call tracking number on your website or having a sales team that asks how the lead heard about us, it's vital to know our lead generation numbers. It's also worth mentioning that when Critchfield Consulting is providing an initial marketing evaluation for our customers, our goal is to determine if we have either a website traffic problem or a conversion problem or both. The magic formula for online success is this.  The more qualified traffic we can attract to an aesthetically pleasing and highly convertible website, the more leads we are going to receive.  

Not everyone likes looking at data like we do, they just want the facts.  Business owners are busy and often don't have time to use Google Analytics in a way that helps grow the business.  It's important to partner with a marketing agency that does put a high emphasis on access to Google Analytics and its data.  

We invite you to learn more about Critchfield Consulting by reading our Google reviews, seeing our specialized marketing services, and taking a peek at our recent client project portfolio.  If you are a business located in or around Kansas City and have questions about your company's Google Analytics data, we encourage you to reach out to us directly or give us a call at 816-718-6617.  We look forward to hearing from you!  
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