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The saying, "Content is King" still holds true.  Today, in the digital marketing space, having good content and copywriting still plays an important role in strategy.  Not only does content help inform, educate, and emotionally connect to potential customers learning about you, it provides search engines a way to distinguish your business from competitors which can show it more favorably in search queries

Content also brands your business and provides a means to communicate your services, products, and objectives in several different ways, especially online.  The goal of content should always be to improve your customer education so that you can create comfort, insight, and trust with those researching your business.  Aside from imagery and video, there's no better way to do this than creating fresh, recurring, and insightful content for your visitors.  

Assuming there's a good amount of search volume in your industry (people searching for your products or services online) and if your goal is to increase more leads, content is everything.  As mentioned, one of the biggest reasons a company website should have an effective content strategy is to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.  A lot goes into doing this right, and there are metrics that you must meet to be effective. 

  • Word Count: Search engines require a minimum number of words they like to see per page.
  • Recurring Content: You must add fresh original content regularly.  The wider your target market (Nationally) the more content is needed.
  • Increase Your Reach: Build out unique location pages to help target local, regional, and statewide traffic.
  • Create Unique Content: Like custom blogs, infographics, online resources, premium downloads, and long-form pages are important.  
  • Proper Page Structure: Pages need meta tags, page titles, location modifiers, headers and digestable content.
  • Keyword Placement: Add commonly searched terms, keywords, and phrases to each page of your website using best practices.
  • Be Authoritative: The more your content connects and guides visitor to your value the more search engine credibility gained.
  • Be Strategic: Create custom content pages for all services, products, FAQs, blogs, and company related pages to standout. 

From a customer communication standpoint, content allows your company to communicate your brand via your website, customized newsletters, and detailed sales collateral.  Strategic content can be tailored for advertisements or provide templated correspondence to online reviews, inquiries, text messages, and intros to internal leads.  

Another benefit of custom content, and an important one, is that it provides sales teams with the ability to link customers to a page that better explains your team, products, services and value.  As you can see, content is something that you can't skimp on nor can you use someone else's duplicate work.  It takes time to write original and properly optimized content. Working with a knowledgable team that can provide guidance and custom implementation is important to research.  

Every recommendation that Critchfield Consulting provides is based upon answering important questions that come from our initial online marketing evaluation.  Our recommendations will always be based upon factual data we gain from our client's analysis.  Whatever the short-term and long-term content recommendations become; rest assured it will be geared with a tailored approach to meet our combined goals.    

Clients' objectives are obviously important and unique.  To recommend a solution that will improve online results, we must understand your industry, the market in which you work, what our competitors are doing and what the opportunities look like to go after.  Having a starting point like knowing where your business is ranking organically upfront, what content we have to work with, as well as a comprehensive idea of what our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are to our business are worthy places to start.   

Often our recommendations call for both an upfront content strategy as well as a recurring content strategy.  Whether we are providing your company an upfront audit to provide some direction for your team to take moving forward or implementing the actual strategy for you, having a good grasp on content is pivotal for online success

We encourage you to learn more about us by visiting some of our recent projects and taking the time to look over how our comprehensive evaluations work.  If you have questions about your company's content and copywriting objectives, give us a call at 816-718-6617 or send us a direct message here. We look forward to hearing from you!    
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