Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography

Visual Elements Sell Business

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Gathering visual company assets like photos and unique video elements to implement within your online marketing strategy is always a wise decision.  Collateral like this can be used for advertising and social media outlets as well as help connect your business with potential customers in a more impactful and emotional way.  

Video and Imagery tell your company's story, shows your work, and introduces your team, products, and services quickly.  The link between both photography and videography is similar and important topics to understand in the digital space.  Here we will separate the two topics to better explain them. 

You know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"?  As a digital marketing agency, Critchfield Consulting couldn't agree more.  One simple image can help convey real meaning to your audience and much faster than content ever can.  A single image can help showcase a complex service you provide or produce a way to show multiple concepts your company wants to highlight all at once.  

Having great photography assets is pivotal to representing your brand in a favorable way.  Whether a visitor is online looking at your company website or viewing a brochure or newsletter you distribute, you don't want them tp get a negative experience because your photos are low resolution, blurry, or someone else's stock images.  

In addition to the benefits of good imagery and potential threats of using poor photography, we encourage our connections to be proud of their assets and to use quality imagery in a unique way like creating a website gallery, adding individual team images to your email signatures, producing internal website conversion tactics like mini contact forms or simply putting fresh imagery on the walls of your company's office. 

Good Photography and Video Assets Provide:
  • A way to tell your story.
  • A way to show your work.
  • A way to introduce your team.
  • A customized way to share products and services.
  • Improved search engine optimization (SEO) results.
  • Digital elements for social media, paid advertising, and website use.
  • Emotional connection with potential customers.

As we all know, video is where the world is turning.  Just look at the trends of how social media platforms are increasing their customers entertainment by using targeted videos to increase length of stay.  Videos today can and should be used strategically in your marketing efforts.  

Whether using assets like these to introduce your company, video blog, meet your team, or share more specific product and service videos that explain your business, there are multiple platforms you can use to help get your video message seen.  Some of these strategies include integrating videos into our social media, promoting them on YouTube, embedding them into our website, using them for targeted ads or adding them to customer email, newsletter, or marketing communication.   

It's important to partner with someone that has knowledge in this field and can showcase their work.  Like showing a blurry photo, a poor video can have a negative effect on your credibility if you aren't careful.  Whether it's low resolution, no direction, unsteady camera work, or a poor postproduction editing job, we encourage you to spend the time and money to do this piece correct whether you work with us or another partnership.  

The process Critchfield Consulting uses to identify our clients' assets will almost always start with a proper online marketing evaluation of your business.  Having a plan in place for the assets that we have and those that we need will help set us apart.  They also allow us to compete better online providing the added credibility needed to drive emotional connections with our visitors.  

Critchfield Consulting has been part of countless photo and video shoots over the last 13 years and has hundreds of client projects under our belt that utilize customized assets in some form or another.  From managing the actual media shoots and producing quality assets to editing the end results or providing direction to other artists you might rather use; we are equipped to provide trusted guidance for your asset collection process

We are blessed to have incredible photo and video connections to help our clients.  In most cases, these affiliated partnerships are close friends of ours and considered in their field, the best camera, drone pilots, and postproduction artists in the United States. We encourage you to get to know us and visit our project gallery to see examples of these artists in action and their work. Feel free to call us at 816-718-6617 or send us a direct message if you'd like to discuss your company's asset strategy with us.   
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