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Web Programming & Development

Success Begins with Programming

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Your businesses online success is reliant on good website programming and development. Having a pretty website is entirely different than having a website that search engines like and show more favoritism towards.  A properly programmed website that might have all the bells and whistles on the backend but lacks design will always outperform a quality design that lacks good programming code.  

Backend website programming in its simplest definition is how well your website communicates with search engines.  There's a host of factors that go into properly communicating with search engines but think of it this way.  Assuming people out there are searching for your product or services online and you want to attract them to your website, the better we communicate to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, the better our search engine optimization (SEO), website traffic, and digital lead opportunities will be.  

In the years that Critchfield Consulting has been exploring websites and analyzing their backend programming, we have literally seen results across the board.  As we dive into our online marketing evaluations for our clients, often we find websites that lack proper communication. Mostly they have a host of errors, warnings, and notices that if not corrected, will hinder the results of the overall digital marketing strategy.  

  • Quick site speed on mobile and desktop
  • Individual page Meta descriptions
  • Individual page titles
  • Added ALT text on images
  • Proper page headers (H1, H2, H3 and so on)
  • Canonical errors fixed
  • Authoritative backlinks
  • Geo modifiers for targeted locations
  • Schema code where applicable 
  • Proper character lengths (page titles and Meta data)
  • 301 permanent redirects if applicable
  • No 404-page errors

The Programming and development of a website needs to be done by professionals. Yes, Critchfield Consulting takes care of most of these programming concerns mentioned above on our own and upfront but there is another piece to the puzzle that lies even further on the backend, which is the actual programming team.  

If you've ever watched a good programmer at work, you'll immediately be amazed by the complexity and quickness with which coding is applied.  To most, it's like watching someone write in a different language. To coders, it's like they are writing and reading a story in a different language but doing it all at once while sipping on coffee and responding to a personal text on there phone. 

We are blessed to have one of the best partnerships and award-winning development teams in the nation to help us out on the programming piece.  This team we trust with our entire portfolio, and they come with decades of experience.  Prior to owning and operating the website design and development company they run now, the owner was a programmer for the United States Marine Corps and just an overall incredible person. 

The reason we tell this story aside from feeling blessed to work with them is that this team has created, what is now a fourth version of their own content management system (CMS)A CMS system allows a business owner the ability to easily add new website pages, blogs, content, images, video links and the like on their own.  Why we like it is because not only do we get incredible custom-built websites for our clients but we gain access to the CMS solution which allows us to work on our clients Meta data, page titles, character limits and content layout with simple clicks of a button. 

We'd love to partner with you and encourage you to learn more about us by viewing our extended services or by visiting our client portfolio.  If you have questions about your Kansas City business website and the programming thereof or would like to take advantage of our 31-Point Online Marketing Evaluation, call us at 816-718-6617.  You may also send us a direct message here if you prefer.  
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