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Welcome to Critchfield Consulting, a Kansas City based digital marketing agency specializing in custom website design, search engine optimization (SEO), content management, photography, videography, and evaluations. With 300 nationwide marketing client projects under our belt, we are uniquely aligned to share sound insight and advice as well as strategic implementation of digital marketing tactics that help businesses succeed online.    
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Ready to Jump In? Get Started

Ready to Jump In? Get Started

Initially, as partners, in order to get to where we want to go, we must first know our starting point. The most effective starting point, we feel, in order to create a meaningful business relationship with a new client, is to provide them a highly effective digital evaluation.  This in depth analysis measures so much but most importantly provides us a next step to follow.  You've heard the expression "don't put the cart before the horse".  Let's start by measuring everything important to be successful online, how your doing at it, and what needs to be done to right the ship.       

Critchfield Consulting believes taking this initial analysis approach yields answers needed to questions pivotal to gain insight from like: Where do your online opportunities exist?  What is our current online lead conversion rate and cost per lead acquisition?  How many people from a local, regional, or national standpoint are searching for our products and services?  How do we drive more visitor traffic from our available channels and target markets?  What ways can we measure ROI and results along the way?  

Welcome to Critchfield Consulting!  We are glad you are visiting and invite you to explore more by browsing our customized marketing services and client portfolio to see the type of work we do.  Regardless your business size or market's location, we aim to provide useful consultative insight to your companies marketing whether through an initial conversation, our comprehensive digital marketing analysis or more hands on implementation.
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