Quality AES

Quality AES

Automotive Equipment Sales, Service, Inspection, and Installation
Quality Automotive Equipment and Service holds a special place in our company's heart!  They were our very first client and we, as a business, could not have asked for a better group of people to work with!  Family owned and operated, Quality AES is located in Paola, KS and services both Kansas and Missouri car dealerships, city municipalities, and heavy-duty truck service shops to name a few.  They truly are the best for heavy duty automotive equipment, service, inspection, installation, and repairs.   

Representing the top auto equipment manufacturers that technicians around the world recognize, Quality AES is a nationally authorized dealer for brands like Hunter, Rotary, Stertil Koni, Mohawk, Graco, Roth, Robinair, and Champion.   Whether it's heavy-duty lifts, tire changers, alignment systems, air compressors, oil management solutions, or alignment racks, the team at Quality truly have you covered.  

From a project standpoint, Quality AES represented some unique challenges.  One of the biggest hurdles we faced was that we didn't have a vast understanding of their company.  Questions like what they sold, where they can sale it, what all services they provided and what the heck a tire changer is where all relative and logical questions.  What this project really taught us was patience and taking the time to truly understand their business so we could write about it and send the right message.  

We started with an online marketing analysis and from that, we were able to determine the work that was needed to grow our online presence.  The beauty of Quality AES is they built their company in the trenches.  Their online presence, before we started to help them, didn't account for much of their sales.  In fact, since opening their doors in 1999, it was hard work, mostly face-to-face meetings that relied on handshakes that helped build their solid reputation around Kansas City. 

Our analysis uncovered the following online limitations for Quality AES
  • Outdated Website Design 
  • Website Navigation Lacked Strategy and Conversion Elements 
  • Missing Internal Pages - Company, Product, and Services 
  • Had Duplicated Content, Broken Links, and Site Speed Concerns
  • Used Stock Imagery and a Templated Design
  • Website Lacked SEO Optimization and Suffered from Programming Errors
  • Limited SEO Rankings for Specific Products and Services 
  • Unused Social Media Channels
  • Missing Lead Generation Elements
  • No Measurable Return on Marketing Investments

It's so nice to see, from where we stand now, how much their original effort helped pave the way for the online work that we have also achieved together.  When we first met, Quality AES had 10 employees.  Today Quality AES has nearly doubled the number of staff and moved headquarters to a beautiful 24,000 square foot space that allows them to operate more effectively

Together we have been able to achieve tremendous success with our online marketing efforts.  We dominate the local and regional competition with incredible organic SEO rankings now.  We are often showing up, in nationwide Google searches, not only on first page (a ton in the first organic spot) but higher than the manufacturers websites in many cases for their specific products.  Since launching our marketing campaigns, it's been an eye-opening experience for us to see how quickly they improved online but also it's been an incredible transformation for them as a company.  

Since launching the Quality AES website in 2021, we've increased our market share, tripled our website traffic, added hundreds of leads, expanded our revenue, grown our team, increased our sales, and kept our name front and center in the automotive space.  See below for more specific project results. 
The Result
Since launching the new Quality AES website in September of 2021, we've seen these increases
  • Website Traffic: 168% Increase in Overall Website Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic: 1,375% Increase in Social Media Website Traffic
  • Organic Traffic: 189% Increase in Monthly Organic Website Traffic
  • Website Leads: 1,837% Increase in Tracked Online Marketing Leads
  • Organic First Page Rankings: 226% Increase in Organic 1st Page Rankings 
  • Organic SEO Rankings: 4,677% Increase in Keywords Ranking Nationally on Google

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