Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

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A content management system (CMS) is a backend website access point that allows the business owner or a web administrator the ability to make changes to a website.  Whether you are adding fresh content, new pages, web design elements, videos, images, or programming code, a CMS system is how you do it. 

The most used CMS solutions today are Word Press, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, and Joomla.  Each is unique and complex systems to master if you aren't familiar with them.  Although some are easier to work in than others, not all of them give you what you need to make changes on your own without significant time, patience, training, and knowledge.  Critchfield Consulting and our team use a proprietary CMS program that easily allows it to be used by both our programming team as well as our clients whenever they want.  

As a consulting agency with years of experience analyzing companies online, one of the biggest problems we see with businesses today is they don't like having to wait for an administrator to make simple changes to their website which often come with high fees to complete a quick update. The typical fees we see other administrators charge for updates range from $75 to $165 per hour which is crazy.  Another concern we see is the CMS program is too complex or time consuming for the business owner, who's already juggling a hundred other tasks, to work within.  

A good CMS program should allow a business owner to do more than just add a new picture, a link, or a video to your business website. What if your system was straightforward, easy to learn, easy to train on and easy to use?  What if your CMS system allowed you the ability to track your leads, measure your ROI and provide multiple staff at once to work within the system?  

Back in 2011, Critchfield Consulting and our technology partners who built the system we still use today with our clients, created a CMS solution that answered these questions and called it Rubix.  Today, Rubix is in its fourth version with each new upgrade offering features that weren't available in the previous models. This system is owned outright by our customers and is included as part of our custom website design fee.  

What capabilities does our CMS system, Rubix, provide to a business owner? 
  • Ability to track leads (Name, contact info, time of inquiry).
  • Ability to track website visitor correspondence (Newsletter sign-ups, internal page contact forms and service queries). 
  • Provides multiple employee ability to sign-in and work.
  • Complete ownership of CMS solution.
  • Add images, internal/external links, and YouTube video embedding options.
  • Add new team bio's, head shots, and team pictures.
  • Add new product and service pages or other content like blogs and galleries.
  • Add charts and graphs that explain your business.
  • Add bold, italic, font size and underline capabilities.
  • Add bullet points, numbered topics, and indention. 
  • Add Meta data, headers, page titles and SEO optimization tactics.

Having the time to work within our CMS program is always challenging but it's important that our customers understand how it works and what all it can do.  Whether we are doing the updates for our clients, or the client wants this capability for their team to master independently, having the right CMS system is half the battle.  

We invite you to learn more about us by viewing our extended digital marketing services or glancing at our recent client projects.  If you are a Kansas City business that needs a CMS solution or wants to better understand our web programming and development service, click the provided link.  We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any other questions at 816-718-6617 or you can send us a direct message here.  
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