OnSite Dealer Solutions

OnSite Dealer Solutions

Labor Outsourcing and Auto Detailing Industry
OnSite Dealer Solutions (ODS) is a nationwide auto detailing and labor force solution provider to the car industry.  More specifically, ODS provides car dealerships with a specialized group of employees that come and work at that dealership's location, onsite, improving revenue, speed to market, and make ready departments from the ground up.  This includes providing car dealerships with insured and vetted staff that fill valet, porter, and greeter roles plus an entire team of master auto detailers, car reconditioning technicians, dent and window specialists, and a host of other talented team members, all dedicated to getting cars lot ready for sale.  

Another unique service that ODS provides is a customized software solution that allows car dealerships to easily communicate and manage inventory, billing, invoicing, and vendors in one easy to use, DMS integrated software solution called SERV Automotive.  With over 500 employees, 160 dealer clients across the country and 10 states of operation, OnSite Dealer Solutions is creating a large footprint in the automotive space, helping dealerships solve labor problems, decrease payroll expenses and improve production and customer satisfaction scores.  

Critchfield Consulting is blessed to have met the leadership team at OnSite Dealer Solutions!  We've gotten to know them well over the last few years and were introduced through a mutual connection that knew us both.  What started as an introduction led to more informative meetings and ultimately a step forward to identifying our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats their industry faced, elements uncovered by going through our 31-point online marketing evaluation.   

When we first analyzed ODS online we found some glaring issues that if they weren't fixed, truly limited their credibility, both from a visitor and search engine standpoint.  Although they were already a successful nationwide company, their website presence didn't reflect who they were, which was a problem they couldn't afford to have when potential new car dealerships were doing their homework on them.  They were limited in several key components that hindered them from success, so our goal was to explain the issues and assets we have, help them understand how to effectively fix and promote them and offer solutions that get results. 

We found that their previous online limitations included:  
  • Outdated Website Design and Navigation
  • Poor SEO Keyword Ranking Results
  • Backend Programming Errors
  • Citation Directory Errors
  • Broken Links and Low-Resolution Imagery
  • Limited Content Strategy on Services 
  • Misused Social Media Channels 
  • Unable to Make Website Changes
  • Missing Lead Generation Elements
  • No Measurable Return on Marketing Investment

After months of work that included custom website design, lead tracking elements, 65+ new pages of content, location pages, directory clean-up, a customized programming strategy and tailored photo and video shoots to promote the brand, we launched the new ODS website in December of 2022.  We want to give a big thank you to Heath, Anne and the entire ODS team for their continued support and patience throughout this project.  Thank you ODS for putting your trust with Critchfield Consulting!
The Result
Since launching the new ODS website in December of 2022, we have seen the following increases: 
  • Website Traffic: 338% Increase in Overall Website Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic: 8,032% Increase in Social Media Website Traffic
  • Organic Traffic: 300% Increase in Monthly Organic Website Traffic
  • Website Leads: 2500% Increase in Tracked Online Marketing Leads
  • 87 Initial Keywords Targeted: 5600% Increase in Google Keyword Rankings  
  • Organic 1st Page Rankings: 4500% Increase in Organic 1st Page Rankings Currently
  • Organic SEO Rankings:  41,000% Increase in Keywords Ranking Nationally on Google 

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