Beyond Print

Beyond Print

Custom Packaging and Product Labeling Industry
Beyond Print Inc., is a nationwide packaging and label provider that specializes in product packaging, development, and design.  Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Beyond Print provides flexible, rigid, and sustainable packaging for industries like food and snack, coffee and tea, lawn and agriculture, pet food, livestock, and retail related businesses all over the globe.  

Along with their packaging services they are a world leader in cold storage labels which includes creating custom and stock product labels, USDA certified export labels and meat processing tags.  With a team of highly experienced graphic artists, marketing directors, account executives, and client service managers, Beyond Print is the go-to for businesses looking to market their products effectively, whether that be in grocery stores, retail environments, or online.  

With a host of additional inventory management, nationwide warehousing capabilities and logistic services, Beyond Print is the group behind the scenes of so many brands common everyday people like us use.  For example, Beyond Print provides flexible packaging for companies like Omaha Steak Company, Purely Elizabeth, Scooters Coffee, Curtis Seed, and Chinook Seedery to name a few.  

Critchfield Consulting considers Beyond Print a dear friend and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with them on their internal marketing efforts.  With a group like Beyond Print, it's hard not to want to work hard for them as their tight knit team is considered family to us.  What makes them even more unique is that they act like a family in their work environment too with each team member playing an integral role in the support of their clients collectively

It was because of this team atmosphere they encompass that made working with them so enjoyable.  You can't help but want to do everything you can to make them shine online.  From their owner and leadership team down to their warehouse employees, Beyond Print is the epitome of how a business should be run in our opinion and each employee had a part in the development of their online brand within the confines of our project.   

We found in our initial online marketing analysis that Beyond Print's previous online limitations included:
  • Limited Website Design and Navigation
  • Poor SEO Keyword Ranking Results
  • Backend Programming Errors
  • Multiple Office Location Citation Directory Errors
  • Limited Content Regarding Company, Products, and Services 
  • Limited Social Media Channel Development
  • Website Changes Were Cumbersome
  • Missing Lead Generation and Conversion Elements
  • No Measurable Return on Marketing Investment

After months of work that included a custom website design, backend programming, lead tracking elements, directory clean up, and 47 new pages of custom content, the Beyond Print website launched in June of 2021.  The content piece of the project was probably the biggest issue that Beyond Print faced as their previous website lacked the content Google wants to see when it comes to improving search engine optimization (SEO).  In our case, the new pages we created have helped and included full pages to highlight the company, its history, their team, each and every service they provide, each industry they serve, blogs and a portfolio gallery that showcases their products.   

We at Critchfield Consulting want to give a big thank you to Matt Hustedt, Lindsey Chisum, and Max and the entire team at Beyond Print for putting their trust in us and for all their outstanding support along the way! 
The Result
Since launching the new Beyond Print website in June of 2021, we have seen the following increases: 
  • Nationwide Organic SEO Rankings17,608% Increase in Organic Nationwide Rankings
  • Nationwide Organic 1st Page Rankings1,950% Increase in First Page Organic Nationwide Rankings
  • Website LeadsIncreased 160 Website Leads Tracked Since Launch Date 
  • Website Traffic: 40% Increase in Overall Website Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic: 30% Increase in Social Media Website Traffic
  • Organic Traffic: 30% Increase in Organic Website Traffic
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