Flippin School District

Flippin School District

Elementary and Secondary School System
Flippin Arkansas is the birthplace of Ranger Boats and home to the Flippin Elementary and Secondary School District.  Long ago, Critchfield Consulting's owner, Brent Critchfield, was introduced to the Flippin school district superintendent, Dale Query, a gem of a man and fellow Rotary Club member.  Their relationship flourished over the years and led us to help consult for Dale and the school board that oversees the Flippin School District website and online presence.  

The school came to VisionAmp, an award-winning website development company and former employer of Brents, with a goal of revamping their schools online presence.  The objective was to help better showcase the school, its staff, their curriculum, and everything the Flippin Arkansas area has to offer families looking to relocate to the area, which is quite a lot if you enjoy the outdoors or like the idea of a small, quiet, and safe town surrounded by raw nature. 

Flippin is nestled between Bull Shoals Lake, a 71,240-acre attraction and the White River, a famous trout fishing destination that anglers from across the world come and visit.  Much bigger than the 1,347 people that call it home, the area has a population of nearly 750,000 people and is considered the most populated area in Arkansas.  Within 10 miles of Flippin, the area covers a swath of other nearby towns like Cotter (Trout Capital of the United States), Mountain Home, Yellville, Gassville, Midway, and Bull Shoals.  In fact, Flippin and the entire North Central Arkansas area it rests in is considered by many including, Outdoor Life Magazine, as one of the top retirement destinations in the world.  

Working with Flippin school district, we identified together all the areas that needed improvement when it came to the school's former shell of a website.  This included areas that needed to be highlighted to represent state required information, parent and teacher logins, internal employee communication, and of course everything that the school offers, from sports and activities to school news and contact information.  

The result, at the time of completion, sometime around 2013, was one of the finest school websites in all of North Arkansas.  In fact, this original website led to many other area schools contacting the VisionAmp team for future design builds including ASU Mountain Home, Arkansas State University, Cotter Public Schools, Yellville Summit Schoolsand Ozark Mountain School District.  We owe much of this original website development success to Flippin School District and the former superintedent, Dale Query and the existing superintendent, Kelvin Hudson.  Thank you Dale, Kelvin, and your entire team, for your continued support!   
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