Game Time Athletics

Game Time Athletics

Sporting Goods Distribution Industry
GameTime Athletics is a nationwide sports equipment distributor of premium athletic equipment and sports field maintenance solutions.  They are a business based in Platte City, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, and sell across the United States.  Providing coaches, players, athletic departments, and field maintenance crews, coast to coast, with specialized athletic equipment, they help individuals and team programs effectively plan, prepare, and play sports. 

GameTime Athletics provides specialized athletic equipment in bulk and hands on field maintenance services to local and regional sports groups like colleges and universities, school districts, competitive sports organizations, parks and recreation departments as well as area sports facilities in general. 

Our relationship began in 2022, when we were asked to provide a comprehensive digital marketing evaluation for their business. The goal was to see if we could identify any gaps that could improve their overall lead generation and organic rankings for the specific products they offer.  During the analysis, we determined our strengths and the assets we had to work with while also identifying our shortcomings and landed on a recommendation that ultimately included a host of services with a focus on a new website design.  

Around March of 2022, we began working on a new custom website project for GameTime that included
  • Custom Website Redesign
  • New Website Navigation
  • Website Lead Conversion Elements
  • New Color Schemes
  • Custom Photography
  • New Original Content & Copywriting 
  • Full Scale Digital Reprogramming Strategy
  • Best Practice Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the main problems GameTime was facing, regarding their Google organic rankings, was the limited content they had on their individual product pages.  In general, if you want to show up in Google searches, especially nationwide, you will need to have fresh original content that speaks to a visitor, not duplicated, lots of it, and content that is programmed properly with best practices at the forefront. 

With 155 new custom pages for services, projects, the company, and their products completed, we launched the new GameTime Athletics website in late 2023.  We have in only a few short months seen an incredible increase in both organic traffic, authentic online leads, and very favorable organic ranking improvements, something that typically takes some time to fully dominate on.  Critchfield Consulting is so pleased to announce our partnership with GameTime Athletics! We couldn't ask for a better client to work with.  Thank you GameTime for your trust and allowing us to be part of your team!   
The Result
Since the two month launch of our new website, we have seen the following increases: 
  • Organic Traffic: 450% Increase in Organic Website Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic: 760% Increase in Social Media Website Traffic 
  • Website Leads: 53 New Online Leads Generated in 2 Months
  • New Online Customers: 20 New Customer Accounts Made in 2 Months
  • Organic Rankings: 600% Increase in 1st Page Nationwide Organic Google Rankings
  • Keyword Rankings: 1,806 New Keywords Ranking Nationally on Google Now
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