Ron's Fly Fishing 101

Ron's Fly Fishing 101

Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor
We are so pleased to introduce Ron McQuay with Ron's Fly Fishing 101 as a featured project.  Ron has been a close friend of Critchfield Consulting for over a decade and a true gem of a man in every way. Residing in Cotter, Arkansas, the trout capital of the United States, Ron is a fly fishing specialist, fly-tyer, guide, and world-class fly-fishing instructor.  

Fishing since 1970, Ron's passion for fly fishing is contagious, as you will see if you ever want to go down to Arkansas to be taught right.  He understands the sport of fly fishing on multiple levels, from casting and mending to knots and flies.  Ron offers a variety of different guiding options whether you want to try and sign up for his fly casting and assembly clinics or just some one-on-one basic instruction.  

Ron is also an expert fly-tyer and provides tackle stores all around Arkansas with some of the most bought fishing flies for the entire White River system.  Ask him about his wet fly emerging patterns, his infamous midge, scud, and sow bug patterns or see some of his handy work in the dry fly patterns he ties. Here is a link to see some of his specialty flies.   

We at Critchfield Consulting, strongly encourage you to reach out to Ron at 870-405-3853 and seek out some dates to get away with your loved ones to enjoy the ups, downs, and other marvelous intricacies of fly fishing all while having an expert by your side.  From the moment you meet Ron until your day has come to an end, you will leave feeling warm inside because of the man you spent the day with and the knowledge you have gained.  

Although Ron's Fly Fishing 101 website project was completed many years ago, back in 2014, we still love the custom design that VisionAmp Web Design built for him.  A former personal client of Brent Critchfield's, Ron and Brent collaborated together in its design.  The website features custom content pages for his history, Ron's fly patterns, his school and guiding options as well as river links, testimonials, and a blog.  We want to say thank you to Ron for all of his incredible wisdom we have gained over the years and with out a doubt, his continued support of VisionAmp and Critchfield Consulting!  
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